Lilian Gallon
Fourth year French computer science student currently at the University of California, Santa Cruz. From the University of Bordeaux, France.

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Here are some code samples that could be useful in some projects.

Java AWT's KeyEvents codes to GLFW key codes converter

This functions converts a java.awt.event.KeyEvent Virtual Key (VK) code to a GLFW key code. Link
* All the keys listed in java.awt.event are listed here. If there
* is no GLFW equivalent the function returns -2. Otherwise it returns
* the GLFW code. -1 is reserved for the GLFW's unknown code.
* /!\ 1. java.awt.event.KeyEvent does not make any difference between left and right keys for:
* - shift,
* - control,
* - alt.
* So we had to decide, and this function return the code of the right one.
* /!\ 2. java.awt.event.KeyEvent takes into account your keyboard layout.
* So if your keyboard is french, and you type "A", GLFW will say that it's Q,
* whereas KeyEvent's VKs will say that it's "A". You have to keep that in mind
* when you convert a KeyEvent's VK to a GLFW key.
* This function will return GLFW_KEY_A with the KeyEvent's key is VK_A.
* Version 1.0
* Future updates here:
* @param code java.awt.event.KeyEvent VK code
* @return -2 not supported, otherwise it returns the GLFW code.
public static int convertVKSwingtoGLFW(int code) {
    switch (code) {
        case KeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_UNKNOWN;
        case KeyEvent.VK_SPACE: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_SPACE;
        // no apostrophe
        case KeyEvent.VK_COMMA: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_COMMA;
        case KeyEvent.VK_MINUS: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_MINUS;
        case KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_PERIOD;
        case KeyEvent.VK_SLASH: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_SLASH;
        case KeyEvent.VK_0: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_0;
        case KeyEvent.VK_1: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_1;
        case KeyEvent.VK_2: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_2;
        case KeyEvent.VK_3: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_3;
        case KeyEvent.VK_4: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_4;
        case KeyEvent.VK_5: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_5;
        case KeyEvent.VK_6: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_6;
        case KeyEvent.VK_7: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_7;
        case KeyEvent.VK_8: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_8;
        case KeyEvent.VK_9: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_9;
        case KeyEvent.VK_SEMICOLON: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_SEMICOLON;
        case KeyEvent.VK_EQUALS: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_EQUAL;
        case KeyEvent.VK_A: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_A;
        case KeyEvent.VK_B: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_B;
        case KeyEvent.VK_C: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_C;
        case KeyEvent.VK_D: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_D;
        case KeyEvent.VK_E: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_E;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F;
        case KeyEvent.VK_G: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_G;
        case KeyEvent.VK_H: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_H;
        case KeyEvent.VK_I: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_I;
        case KeyEvent.VK_J: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_J;
        case KeyEvent.VK_K: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_K;
        case KeyEvent.VK_L: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_L;
        case KeyEvent.VK_M: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_M;
        case KeyEvent.VK_N: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_N;
        case KeyEvent.VK_O: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_O;
        case KeyEvent.VK_P: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_P;
        case KeyEvent.VK_Q: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_Q;
        case KeyEvent.VK_R: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_R;
        case KeyEvent.VK_S: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_S;
        case KeyEvent.VK_T: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_T;
        case KeyEvent.VK_U: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_U;
        case KeyEvent.VK_V: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_V;
        case KeyEvent.VK_W: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_W;
        case KeyEvent.VK_X: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_X;
        case KeyEvent.VK_Y: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_Y;
        case KeyEvent.VK_Z: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_Z;
        case KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_BACKSLASH;
        // no grave accent with VK
        // world 1?
        // world 2?
        case KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_ESCAPE;
        case KeyEvent.VK_ENTER: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_ENTER;
        case KeyEvent.VK_TAB: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_TAB;
        case KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SPACE: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_BACKSPACE;
        case KeyEvent.VK_INSERT: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_INSERT;
        case KeyEvent.VK_DELETE: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_DELETE;
        case KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_RIGHT;
        case KeyEvent.VK_LEFT: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_LEFT;
        case KeyEvent.VK_DOWN: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_DOWN;
        case KeyEvent.VK_UP: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_UP;
        case KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_UP: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_PAGE_UP;
        case KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_DOWN: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_PAGE_DOWN;
        case KeyEvent.VK_HOME: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_HOME;
        case KeyEvent.VK_END: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_END;
        case KeyEvent.VK_CAPS_LOCK: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_CAPS_LOCK;
        case KeyEvent.VK_SCROLL_LOCK: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_SCROLL_LOCK;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUM_LOCK: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_NUM_LOCK;
        case KeyEvent.VK_PAUSE: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_PAUSE;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F1: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F1;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F2: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F2;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F3: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F3;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F4: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F4;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F5: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F5;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F6: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F6;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F7: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F7;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F8: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F8;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F9: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F9;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F10: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F10;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F11: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F11;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F12: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F12;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F13: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F13;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F14: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F14;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F15: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F15;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F16: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F16;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F17: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F17;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F18: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F18;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F19: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F19;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F20: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F20;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F21: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F21;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F22: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F22;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F23: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F23;
        case KeyEvent.VK_F24: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_F24;
        // no F25
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD0: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_0;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD1: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_1;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD2: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_2;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD3: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_3;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD4: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_4;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD5: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_5;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD6: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_6;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD7: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_7;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD8: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_8;
        case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD9: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_9;
        case KeyEvent.VK_DECIMAL: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_DECIMAL;
        case KeyEvent.VK_DIVIDE: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_DIVIDE;
        case KeyEvent.VK_MULTIPLY: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_MULTIPLY;
        case KeyEvent.VK_SUBTRACT: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_SUBTRACT;
        case KeyEvent.VK_ADD: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_KP_ADD;
        // no kp enter
        // no kp equals
        case KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_SHIFT;  // !! No difference between L and R
        case KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_CONTROL;  // !! No difference between L and R
        case KeyEvent.VK_ALT: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_ALT;  // !! No difference between L and R
        // no super
        case KeyEvent.VK_CONTEXT_MENU: return GLFW.GLFW_KEY_MENU;
        default: return -2;
Progress bar in a terminal using python

This gist is forked from aubricus/ I updated the code to Python 3, I fixed PEP8 issues and I added the import at the top. Link
import sys

# Print iterations progress
def print_progress(iteration, total,
                    prefix='', suffix='', decimals=1, bar_length=100):
    Call in a loop to create terminal progress bar
        iteration   - Required: current iteration (Int)
        total       - Required: total iterations (Int)
        prefix      - Optional: prefix string (Str)
        suffix      - Optional: suffix string (Str)
        decimals    - Optional: >0 number of decimals in percent complete (Int)
        bar_length  - Optional: character length of bar (Int)

    percents = f'{100 * (iteration / float(total)):.2f}'

    filled_length = int(round(bar_length * iteration / float(total)))
    bar = f'{"█" * filled_length}{"-" * (bar_length - filled_length)}'

    sys.stdout.write(f'\r{prefix} |{bar}| {percents}% {suffix}'),

    if iteration == total: