ChromaGAN paper analysis
by Lilian Gallon & Louis Sicardon

Made for a senior class, University of Bordeaux: Computer Science - Software engineering degree

Analysis: pdf file

the .pdf file is not yet available (work in progress)
ChromaGAN paper analysis
Keywords: ChromaGAN, Image colorization

The .pdf file is availible here. All the raw data shown here is availible:
Test on a video

In the ChromaGAN paper published in WACV 2020 by Patricia Vitoria and Lara Raad and Coloma Ballester, we saw that they pointed out that "ChromaGAN shows variability by colorizing differently some objects belonging to the same category that may have several real colors". While it could be one of its strengths, it is actually a downside for colorizing videos. In a video, some images belong to the same class, and so may have different colorations. We applied ChromaGAN on a short surfing video, and here are the results:

original Original video from CoastlineTobi produced by Tobias Ilsanker, featuring Dane Hall
colorized Same clip colorized by ChromaGAN

We can see that the colorized video hesitates between a blue-ish and a more yellow-ish coloration.

yellow-ish coloration Frame 12, a yellow-ish coloration
colorized Frame 13, a blue-ish coloration

Here are all the colorized frames:

frame 0