Lilian Gallon
Fourth year French computer science student currently at the University of California, Santa Cruz. From the University of Bordeaux, France.

Lilian Gallon
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Websites of friends:
- Louis


How has this website been built?
It has been built from scratch using Bootstrap 4, HTML5 and CSS. The data is automatically fetched by axios (v2020.2.0: only stackoverflow API is used). The repositories are retrieved periodically by a python script to prevent rate limit issues. VueJS is used to update the website without refreshing any pages. The website also uses Bootstrap (JQuery comes with it, as well as Popper.js). The icons are provided by Font Awesome 5 Free. The domain, and the font are provided by Google. Also, the website is hosted by Github pages.

Browsers compatibility (tested 16/06/2020):
  • Brave optimized
  • Edge optimized
  • Firefox working
  • Chrome working
  • Opera untested (contact me if you can test it :D)
  • Safari untested (contact me if you can test it :D)
  • Internet Explorer not working since it is an obsolete browser (Vue.js broken on it)
It is also compatible with phones.
Can I get the code?
The github repository is private, and will stay private because there are sensible files. But if you need anything, feel free to ask by sending an email. In any case, if you use some code, you must provide some credits somewhere.
What about the images?
All the images have been done by me. If not, you will be provided with credits.


Discord: nero! πŸ„#3072
Email: lilian[at]gallon[dot]dev


Found a bug or a typo?
Contact me, and you will get credited! :) You can see my contact information above.

Known issues
None for the moment.

Minor updates
These updates are not shown in the changelog, because they do not add, improve, fix or remove features.
October 30th: removed google analytics

Version 2020.4.0 (08/11/2020):
  • Added directions on the home page
  • Re-designed projects page (complete overhaul)
  • Improved resume page
    • Fixed projects' links to github
    • Fixed Github calendar
Version 2020.3.1 (14/10/2020):
    Migrated to
Version 2020.3.0 (21/09/2020):
    • Optimized images (gained 1 to 5 seconds to load the website)
    • Deferred non-critical CSS and JS files
    • Fixed all W3C issues
    • Changed default theme to dark (and removed useless css reload)
    • Removed blog posts
Version 2020.2.1 (02/09/2020):
    • Updated resume
    • Updated projects data
    • Updated french student email
    • Removed blog page
    • Removed site map
Version 2020.2.0 (16/06/2020):
  • Backend:
    • ✨ Github data is now periodically retrieved with a python script to prevent going over the rate limit
    • πŸ’« Fixed Github follow button
    • πŸ’« Fixed all warnings (unpkg cookie issue)
  • Theme:
    • βœ”οΈ Added a dark theme & updated light theme to match NordTheme colors
    • βœ”οΈ It will now be easier to change the theme of the website
    • ✨ Changed logo, favicon & thumbnail to match the Nord Theme
  • Misceallenous:
    • πŸ’« Fixed some grammar mistakes
    • πŸ’« Added gradient to pages that did not have gradient above the navbar
    • πŸ’« Finally fixed the number of watchers for a project
Version 2020.1.0 (14/04/2020):
  • Tutorials became Courses:
    • βœ”οΈ Added a Machine Learning course
  • Cheatsheets:
    • βœ”οΈ Added cheatsheets: AI & ML (work still in progress though)
  • Resume:
    • βœ”οΈ Moved the project with CISCO to Experiences
  • Misceallenous:
    • πŸ’« Contacted Github for them to fix the issue in their API where it says stargazers_count = watchers_count for any repository online
Version 2020.0.0 (20/01/2020):
  • Tutorials:
    • βœ”οΈ Added a tutorials tab
    • βœ”οΈ Added a tutorial on how to create a Minecraft Mod
  • Resume:
    • ✨ Updated my resume to include my project with Cisco
  • Misceallenous:
    • βœ”οΈ Updated version from 2019.1.1 to 2020.0.0
Version 2019.1.1 (07/12/2019):
  • Resume:
    • ✨ Last popup is closed whan an other one is openned - thanks Louis
  • Projects:
    • βœ”οΈ Added animations
    • βœ”οΈ Added style for focused project
    • ✨ Changed sidebar with a search for projects
    • πŸ’« Fixed enchors are now working for the projects - thanks Nicolas
  • Search:
    • πŸ’« Fixed specials projects not showing in the search
    • πŸ’« Fixed specials projects enchor
  • Misceallenous:
    • βœ”οΈ Added friends' websites
Version 2019.1.0 (06/12/2019):
  • Homepage:
    • ✨ Changed "Recent activity" symbol to the Github one
    • ✨ Divided "Recent tweets" and "Stackoverflow answers" into two differents sections
    • ✨ Added see more / see less for stack overflow activity
    • ✨ Improved margins, text alignement of some components
  • About page:
    • πŸ’« Fixed Utility dropdown showing "-->"
  • Projects:
    • βœ”οΈ Added specials projects (only EzAPIs atm)
  • Misceallenous:
    • βœ”οΈ Added GitHub follow buttons
    • ✨ Updated Font Awesome (5.10.1 -> 5.11)
    • ✨ Added Vue.js locally (because some people block CDNs)
Version 2019.1.0b (05/12/2019):
  • βœ”οΈ Homepage: search sidebar, github activity, twitter activity, stack overflow activity
  • βœ”οΈ Projects: divided in two sections: major projets, and the rest
  • βœ”οΈ Blog: basic posts loaded from json
  • βœ”οΈ About
  • βœ”οΈ Utility: Gists